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    The LucidView approach to scientific marketing testing offers faster, more accurate and deeper insights into what truly drives customer response and marketing effectiveness

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  • In-market testing with LucidView. Published success, proven insights, profitable results.

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In-Market Testing

The Science

Marketing testing provides clear, real-world answers about what works in the marketplace. With scientific testing, you will receive the clearest and most accurate data about your marketing strategy.

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LucidView's multivariable testing creates a unified, fast and accurate strategy for effective testing and results that help you meet your business goals.

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Proactive marketing testing is the best way to determine the impact of marketing-mix changes while sample size determines how valuable and accurate your testing results will be.

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The Lucidview Strategy

Creativity drives emotional impact. Data analysis maximizes learning. Testing uncovers new insights and opportunities. Tie them all together and you create powerful and profitable marketing programs.


In the news

LucidView is exhibiting at the DMA2014 conference in San Diego, October 26-28 (booth #1323).  With new innovations in "small data" testing (including ways to leverage your Big Data initiatives), please call or email use to schedule a time to meet... and pick up a free retro Sample Size Calculator.  Now's the time to integrate both sides of the statistical coin (analytics and testing) to accelerate learning on the front lines of the marketplace.

Big Data vs. Small Data is debated in Gordon Bell’s article in the March issue of Direct Marketing News, “Analytics and Testing: Do you Want Answers, or Do you Want the Truth?”  Gordon talks about testing (the Cinderella of statistics) as the undervalued stepsister of research and analytics… whose beauty and power is just beginning to shine as new innovations reach the marketplace.


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Industry Insights

Case Study - Magazine publishers depend on direct mail to grow their subscriber base. But tight budgets and unresponsive consumers create a serious challenge—how to grow sales while mailing less...

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