“We learned in 3 months what would take 8 years with A/B splits”

–Fortune 500 marketer after her first experience with scientific testing

Creativity drives emotional impact. Data analysis maximizes learning. Testing uncovers new insights and opportunities. Tie them all together, and you create powerful and profitable marketing programs.

Real-world marketing campaigns have limits: the marketplace changes quickly, ideas are generated too quickly to test, backend data is often vague, and testing one variable at a time requires extensive time and effort.

LucidView solves these challenges with an innovative approach and a unique marketing testing strategy. Built around cutting-edge multivariable testing techniques, the LucidView Strategy leverages your team’s creative insights and marketing experience using scientific discipline and powerful statistical techniques, guiding your company through a streamlined marketing testing strategy to pinpoint the most profitable changes for increasing your marketing ROI in direct mail, catalog, retail, call center, advertising, e-mail and Internet programs.

Here are a few of the results our clients have seen using the LucidView Strategy:

  • Direct mail response jumped 29% after one test—implementing five changes proven to help response and avoiding six “good” ideas that hurt—using just 8% of the sample size required for split-run testing.
  • Internet conversion rate jumped immediately after testing 23 landing page elements simultaneously over three weeks (versus 69 weeks required for A/B splits) and implementing seven  zero-cost creative changes. The test paid for itself in 10 days.
  • Catalog profit increased $900,000 the next drop, after testing 15 product, price, offer and creative elements all at once. 
  • Retail test of 11 in-store elements—including new displays, in-store promotions and price points—was run in 48 stores over four weeks. Eliminating unprofitable tactics and implementing the five most important changes, sales jumped 19.9%. Common test-control techniques would have required over 340 stores or 10 months of testing. 
  • E-mail test of 19 elements—including changes to the layout, copy, graphics, links and buttons, subject line, price points, and offer—pinpointed nine significant effects and interactions for a 32% increase in profit. Testing these elements in the same drop as A/B splits, nothing would have been statistically significant, because effects would have needed to be 10-times larger to stand out.

LucidView’s streamlined marketing testing strategy offers you the freedom to quickly test more variables with greater accuracy and clear, actionable results.

Statistics are only the starting point of the Lucid View Strategy. Combining the science of testing with effective strategy to guide you through the process, LucidView uses skill and experience to increase your marketing ROI.